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We believe a true food revolution is possible and can help restore the planet while preventing the death by malnutrition of more children – the foundation of our future.



Our journey

How Fotortec is Transforming the Future

¿Why Fotortec?

1 ton of Fotortec protein reduces 80 tonnes of plant by-products

1 ton of soy protein produces 9 tons of plant waste

2.7 to 5.4 X more protein per square meter

Than pea and soy protein respectively

5 to 10 X more protein per liter of water

Than pea and soy protein respectively


The ingredients you want for advanced foods

Our technology allows us to obtain high-value ingredients for consumers, manufacturers and Nature alike. We achieve this by relying on an abundant raw material and with low requirements for natural and physical resources.

A truly scalable production

We have thought about every detail, taking out the obstacles that commonly limit the production of ingredients – the implementation of our technology, its scalability and its benefits for the planet open the doors to an effective food industry for both the consumer, the manufacturer, the society and the planet.

A mission accomplished together

By including our ingredients in traditional recipes or in new formulations, you bring our products to more consumers, thus strengthening a food industry that now can also regenerate the planet and make food production available in any corner of the planet, bringing everyone the nutrition they deserve.

Our Solution



Flavor Enhancer

Redefining Taste with Sustainable Innovation

Discover the future of flavor enhancement with our F1 Flavor Enhancer. Crafted from oyster mushrooms through a circular production process, F1 is not just an ingredient – it’s a sustainable revolution in taste. 

100% organic, natural product significantly reduces sodium in food formulations by an impressive 90%, addressing health concerns without compromising on flavor.

 Embrace a guilt-free symphony of savory and umami , as it not only enhances taste but also contributes valuable proteins to your favorite foods. 

Versatile and adaptable, designed for use across various food categories, promising a unique umami experience that complements and elevates the very essence of flavor.  

Join us in reshaping the future of food – where sustainability meets sensational flavor.

Our team

Operations and business development

Rami Jadaa

Chief Executive Officer

15+ years experience in Entrepreneurship, International Relations and Business Operations

Adriana Ariza

Chief Operating Officer

8+ Years experience in Operations and Global Supply Chain Management

Andres Felipe Hoyos

Chief Commercial Officer

10+ years experience in Commercialisation and Private Label Management

Andres Navarro

Chief Financial Officer

8+ years experience in Financial Operations

Technical team

Camilo Suarez

Production manager

5 years in food and production technology

Edwin Muñoz

Chief of Scaling

20+ years experience in Industrial Biochemical Processing

Arun Saini

Chief Production Officer

3+ years experience in Food Production, Project Management and Commercial Operations

Sandra Garcia

Regulations Manager

15+ years experience in Food Production & Quality Regulations

Advisory team

Nicolas Meneses

Corporate Partnerships

18+ years experience in FoodTech Research, Product and Business Development

Sergio Arboleda


12+ years experience in Business Strategy, Marketing and Patent Applications

Alvaro Nino


10+ years experience in Corporate Law and Legal Compliance


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Are your products vegan-friendly?

Yes, our production is 100% animal-free.

What is the difference between your “eco-positive” products and what we know as eco-friendly?

We help Nature recycling vegetable waste generated by others, taking advantage of the energy that is lost in it – 90% of the sunlight captured in crops.

Allergen-wise, how safe are your products?

No known allergens are present in our input and raw materials.

What impact does the labeling of your products have on the production lines of others in terms of Clean label labeling?

All of our ingredients can be labeled and interpreted without prior knowledge of food chemistry (example: Powdered dehydrated mushroom) which is ideal for consumers that want their food free of synthetic and processed ingredients.

What impact do your products have on the nutritional table of the foods they are part of?

We reduce up to 90% of the sodium associated to flavors and substitute up to 60% of starch for healthier carbohydrates.

How nutritious is your protein?

It includes 18 out of 21 amino acids of which 8 are essential to humans.